Наши бренды


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Sorting commenced in 2014 

We have commenced operation of largest fruit sorting facility in the region of Pella, Greece, only some 50 km from Port of Thessaloniki. The 9000 sq. meter facility is located on over 5 hectares of land with large parking lots to accommodate and includes high-capacity calibrating machines and over 5000 cubic meters of refrigerators. The facility has capacity of processing over 400 tones of fruits per day and well suited for harvest collection, sorting and distribution. We offer fresh seasonal fruits – the best in Greece: strawberry, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, grapes, fig peach, apple, kiwi, tangerine, mandarins, oranges, chestnut, gold crest, etc.)


Olive Treatment & Packing since 2013

From 2012 we have established a Greece-based subsidiary holding olive treatment and processing facility with capacity of over 5000 tones. We plan to upgrade the facility in 2015 to pack fruits and vegetables with an investment of over 3.5 million Euros. Our state-of-the-art water treatment facility allows us to deploy environment friendly processing and offer the market wide variety of products complying with highest European standards.


Sales & Distribution 

We take pride in the strong and efficient system of sales, supporting not only distribution of the products, but also promotion of the sales, the trade marks and variety of product lines. Professional team of sales managers along with the strong marketing department define strategies that have proven to be successful in the Russian market. Today we distribute our product lines through a network of over 150 established distribution companies all over the Russian Federation and 12 largest national retailers.